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28 Oct.- 01 Nov. - 2022

New Zealand based company Manta5 have released the first look at a new chapter in the emerging category of hydrofoil water biking. 

The creators of the world’s first hydrofoil bike are unveiling the 2nd generation product, the Hydrofoiler SL3 distributed via selected resellers throughout Europe and the US. 

The SL3’s new design and added feature suite place it in the upper echelon of a ‘must try experience’ for any avid cyclist or water sports enthusiast. Among the many new additions the SL3 includes an enhanced throttle only ride mode that already has the SL3 tipped as potential jet ski alternative.

The second big change is the patent pending mechanical designs that allow new riders to progress from novice to competent in minutes rather hours unseen before in the category of electric hydrofoil products.

To replicate the cycling experience on water

The SL3’s design is a result of a die-hard determination by Manta5 to replicate the intuitive cycling experience, we all know and love on land -to the water. To be nimble, fast, able to carve, drift and be close to the action meant not settling for bulky buoyancy, pontoons or hulls. A central decision that has allowed Manta5 to move well beyond the typical pedalo water biking options seen in the past.

“Having no hull or pontoon is a welcome trade-off. Just like improving your skills on a land bike it encourages learning and improving, and ultimately to loving every session. Falling off and getting wet when starting out is all part of the fun. Typically with the SL3 it takes less than an hour to go from novice to confident. From there, anyone can add fresh and salt water to their routine. ”, says Mark Robotham, CEO

This experience of cycling on the water is Manta5’s claim to fame. A surreal experience free from trails and traffic. Being able to experience the sensation of flight over the water’s surface at pace and witness sea life bursting below. To ride on mirror lakes that reflect the sky above. It has to be experienced first-hand. 

Like all foiling products, when you stop moving, the SL3 will lower until the chassis is floating on the water’s surface. Riders can stay on the saddle semi-submerged when stationary, and when it’s time to launch, kick in the throttle or pedal to take off. Very similar to aircraft, the hydrofoil ‘wings’ begin to lift you up higher and higher out of the water the faster you go. 

To fly on the water’s surface using hydrofoils requires a substantial amount of power – around 400+ watts continuously. Unless you’re training for the Tour de France very few can maintain that level of physical output for an extended duration. Combining both human power and a variable electric assist motor has made foil biking possible for the masses, enabling the average rider to adjust the motor assistance as and when they need it. The result is an unprecedented ride time, up to 4.5 hours – the longest ride duration of any e-foiling product on the market today.

When the swell picks up the new SL3 kicks into gear and turns those conditions into a playground for thrill seekers. The SL3 competently takes on moving mountains and pierces over and down swell. A guaranteed thrilling experience for advanced riders.

Commercial reliability built into the recreational product

The SL3 is made from carbon fibre and aircraft-grade aluminium, making them buoyant and light enough to carry to the water without the need for a trailer.  In addition, a new hardwearing monocoque chassis, structural drivetrain and sealed gearboxes are designed for withstand the harsh marine environment. Dual layer IPX67  battery housings and safety tilt sensors cut motor power as soon as the bike falls are all built into the available models. 

“The SL3 was designed with hire operators in mind, and we’ve rolled that through as the standard offering for recreational buyers. For a product to be in the hands of hire and tourism operators it has to be damn near bulletproof” says Head of Product Hayden Reeves.

One of New Zealand’s fasting growing companies
No wake, no emissions, no noise, coupled with the magic of a surreal flying sensation over the water has driven the build of a strong community of water riders around the globe with the first generation XE-1 model. 

“There’s a hardcore group of super users out there doing some amazing stuff. We’re seeing social clubs and sporting organisations forming, long ranges crossings and footage of on-water experiences that should be on the bucket list for any ardent cyclist. “ says Louis Wilks, Marketing Manager

Manta5 says they are well on the way to achieving the goal of building a global brand and creating a new sports category. Since its first prototype went viral in 2018, and the subsequent early market success of the first gen XE-1 model the demand to cycle on the water is apparent. As one of New Zealand’s fastest growing company’s Manta5 is fortunate to be able to re-invest heavily in product development.

“Consider the vast range of bicycles on land and consider the potential to recreate these categories on water at various price points. It’s our dream to commoditise foil biking and build a new sport in the process.” Says Mark Robotham, CEO.

“I want these bikes to go well beyond just being a leisure product – I want it to be a sports product. If you can race it then its competitive, and if its competitive then one day it could be an Olympic sport.” – Guy Howard-Willis, Founder & Director of Manta5.

A limited number of Hydrofoiler SL3’s will be available via authorised resellers early 2023. For more information about upcoming demo opportunities and events visit 

New Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3 Summary:

1. 2.5kw motor and throttle

2. 10 levels of pedal assist settings. Up to 4.5 hour ride time

3. The average new rider can become a confident foil biker in less than 1 hour

4. Modular design breaks the bike down into small pieces for easy in-car transport and assembly waterside  

5. Three model variants available at multiple price points. Contact the nearest authorised reseller for a price list

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