La Marina de Valencia

28 Oct.- 01 Nov. - 2022

– The show presented its new project for 2019 this morning.

– This year the event has a professional team working full time.

– Jointly organised by the the Union of Nautical Companies and La Marina de València.

The Valencia Boat Show, which this year will be celebrating its 11th edition from the 30th of October 30 to the 3rd of November, presented this morning its new project for 2019, which includes a comprehensive proposal that combines a professional area with areas fully open to the general public. The event was attended by the general director of the Valencia 2007 Consortium, the managing body of La Marina de València, the president of the Union of Nautical Companies (UEN), Isabel Gil, and the new director of the show, Nacho Gómez-Zarzuela.

The new Valencia Boat Show will have professional spaces dedicated to the sale of boats, accessories and marine services, and will also feature additional spaces fully open to the public with activities for all audiences ranging from water-sports to concerts, film screenings, gastronomy, culture and sustainability.

Full commitment of La Marina de València

The Valencia 2007 Consortium, the managing body of the Valencian dock, has committed to be fully involved in the event as a co-organiser. “The boat show is strategic for La Marina de València, which is going to be the most nautical marina in the mainland Mediterranean,” said Vicent Llorens, general director of the Valencia 2007 Consortium. Llorens explained the purpose of turning La Marina into a reference for anyone with an interest in sailing, “the door that opens you up to the sea.” This vision is accompanied by a series of actions, such as the total involvement of the Consortium in the Valencia Boat Show, whose next edition is committed to “professionalism and openness to the public,” as the general director points out. “We want to take advantage of the four days of the show, which will be attended by many people, to be able to tell the public what we are doing and what we are planning to do in La Marina,” said Llorens. “We realised that the implication had to be total and that a boat show cannot be just a closed area to sell boats”, assured the general director of the Valencia 2007 Consortium.

An event for the city

“The Valencia Boat Show is a project for the public, it is an opportunity to continue to build up a place as wonderful as La Marina de Valencia,” said the director of the show, Nacho Gómez-Zarzuela. “A boat show is not just an event to sell boats but an opportunity to bring the sea closer to the public,” said the person in charge of the event. In this sense, Gómez-Zarzuela has announced that this year, the Valencia Boat Show’s headquarters for training, culture, innovation and sustainability activities will be at the Alinghi base. “It is a legendary location in the world of sailing, and of course, in Valencia”, said Gómez-Zarzuela.

All things marine

As in the past editions, the Valencia Boat Show 2019 will feature the exhibition and sale of new boats and novelties of the sector, engines, accessories and marine services, as well as a new section dedicated to water-sports such as surfing, paddle surfing, kayaking and fishing, which will have a shallow pool for testing the boats.

Innovation, culture and sustainability

Another novelty of the event is a special section dedicated to marine industry 4.0, start-ups and sailing innovation projects, which will be combined with training activities, networking, informative talks and all marine leisure activities.

As was pointed out in the presentation, the event will feature a wide-ranging gastronomic offer, cultural and leisure proposals for the whole family linked to the sea and an area dedicated to sustainability and the environment, all of which will be open and free to the public during the five days of the show.

The Valencia Boat Show will be a key marine show that will serve to bring the sea closer to all Valencians and visitors.

Call for applications

The Valencia Boat Show has already opened the registration period for exhibitors, who can find all the information at

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