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28 Oct.- 01 Nov. - 2022

– The Valencia Boat Show received about 8,000 visitors on its open day on Sunday.

– Visitor profiles were mostly users and knowledgeable about sailing.

– The event grows in the number of exhibitors and boats on display: more than 150 new boats from the main national and international boatyards.

The Valencia Boat Show closed its doors yesterday with very positive results, both in terms of the number of visitors and of the profile of customers who came to Valencia Marina, where the event was held. “We have achieved the double objective that we had aimed for, regarding sales on the one hand, and nautical diffusion on the other”, assured Fernando Jiménez, director of the boat show and president of the Union of Nautical Companies (UEN), the association responsible for the organisation together with Valencia Marina.

Last year the event revamped its concept, dates and location; the show is now held in the autumn with an exhibition dedicated to new boats, engines and nautical services and accessories. The Valencia Boat Show is now the last of the important boat shows of the autumn, closing the circuit in the Mediterranean.

More than 250 representatives of nautical companies have been present these days at the Valencia Boat Show, with an offer ranging from large luxury yachts to marine clothing and bracelets, engines, generators, outriggers, sails and trimming systems, anchors, electronics and all kinds of accessories for sea lovers.

From 250 euros to 2.4 million

Visitors were able to see at the show sailing and motor boats, inflatable boats and ribs, ranging from 2.3 to about 20 metres in length and with prices between 250 euros and 2.4 million euros – a wide variety for different ways of experiencing the sea. Also, engines with prices between 3,000 and 180,000 euros, and an array of different accessories, from a 14-euro harbour connector to a 9,000-euro water purifier, electronic services from 500 to 400,000 euros, or sails from 350 to 12,000 euros. Also, companies like Surfski School Valencia offer the opportunity to try this sport for affordable prices starting at 20 euros and the Royal Yacht Club of Valencia proposes belonging to a sports and social club specialising in water sports with a family fee of 90 euros per month.

The most popular

Amongst the boats that have attracted the most interest are sailboats between 12 and 15 metres in length, such as the Bénéteau Oceanis 45 or the Hanse 41, motorboats of between 6 and 10 metres in length, such as the Allegra 21, SeaLine 330, Monterrey 278, Nimbus 305, Merry Fisher by Jeanneau, Touron, Cap Ferret or the two Rodman models, as well as the innovative Nuva MS6 and the Tarsis 29, which was presented for the first time in Spain. Amongst the high-end boats, the most visited were the Bali 4.3 catamaran, the new Pardo 43, the Italian Cranchi 52, the award-winning Sunseeker Manhattan 52, the Bénéteau Sense 51.1, the Dufour 520 and the Bavaria Cruiser 51.

Extensive contacts

A few hours after the closing of this edition of the show, the exhibitors confirm that they have closed operations and have established very interesting contacts that are expected to bear fruit in the coming days. The profile of visitors to the show during the professional days has been that of nautical users, knowledgeable of the exhibition offer and interested in buying. The Valencia Boat Show is confirmed as a decision and purchase show with a profile adapted to the interests of the exhibiting companies.

Open day

The Boat Show celebrated its open day on Sunday, with free entry and activities for all audiences with the aim to make sailing more accessible to all visitors. More than 8,000 people visited Valencia Marina on the last day of the show and were able to enjoy free sailing trips with the Sailing Federation of the Valencian Community and BAUHAUS, sponsor of the event, an Optimist exhibition by the Royal Yacht Club of Valencia, and a show of Di-abani fans, the proceeds of which will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

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