La Marina de Valencia

28 Oct.- 01 Nov. - 2022

– The show had 60% local visitors, 35% national and 5% international visitors
– 78% of exhibitors value positively the new model of the show

The Valencia Boat Show closed its eighth edition on November 6th, largely exceeding the turnover of previous editions as a result of the change of dates and the further commitment to the sale of new boats. The Valencia Boat Show has been revamped in this edition, transferring its dates to the autumn to position itself as a show selling new boats, with the added attraction of being able to test the boats at sea owing to the conditions of the Marina in the city.

The event had five professional days and two open days, with free entrance for the public. The result has been an influx of 15,000 visitors during the seven days, 60% coming from Valencia, 35% from the national territory and 5% from abroad. In addition, the show has managed to attract its target audience as, according to the data provided by the exhibitors themselves, this year has attracted “visitors interested in buying, who are informed about nautical terms”.

4.3 million turnover
The numbers speak for themselves. In this edition of the Valencia Boat Show a total turnover of 4.3 million euros has been generated, according to an estimate carried out by the organisation from the information provided by the exhibitors. Furthermore, during the event not only were there sales of boats between 5 and 18 meters in length, accessories, clothing and services, but also professional contacts were generated, and operations began to be developed that will bear fruit in the coming weeks.

The exhibitors coincided in pointing out the recovery of a sector severely affected by the crisis in recent years. “The rate of boat sales during the period from 2002 to 2006 was unusually high. With the onset of the crisis, the level of sales was drastically reduced, and boat owners coming to boating by imitation or fashion, with the onset of the crisis, sold their boats quickly, generating a great increase in the offer of semi-new boats, and the sale of new boats came to a standstill. Today it is practically impossible to find a boat older than ten years, which has caused a recovery of the sale of new boats”, says Fernando Jiménez, president of the Valencia Boat Show.

During the Valencia Boat Show several actions were completed which show that the city is becoming a point of reference for pleasure boating. As for example, the announcement made by the British investment fund Clipper Marine, recently named official distributor in Spain of the Bavaria shipyard, of the election of Valencia as headquarters to open its main sales office on the mainland.

The British distributor confirmed its commitment to Valencia as a market of interest for the sale of boats in view of the large number of visitors interested during the dates of the event.

Economic impact for the city
From October 31
st to November 6th, more than 250 exhibitors from the companies that participated in the event met in Valencia, generating an average expenditure on overnight stays of 16,250 euros per day, to which is added the consumption in catering, mainly in the restaurants located in the vicinity of the Marina Real Juan Carlos I.

On the other hand, the Valencia boat show contributes in an important way to the nautical development of the Marina of Valencia and to the promotion of the region of Valencia as a nautical destination for both national and international visitors. At the national level, during the months of September, October and November, the show has had an impact of 655,000 euros in the written press and Internet, and has appeared in specialized media in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and Portugal, including the international television channel Nautical Channel, which is broadcast on more than 9 channels worldwide.

In addition, a good part of the 210,000 euros of the total budget of the Valencia Boat Show has had repercussions on Valencian companies, since the setting up, marketing and communication of the boat show have been carried out by companies located in Valencia.

78% satisfied
In a survey conducted with the exhibitors after the end of the show, 78% rated as good or very good the change of model, with the commitment to the sale of new boats. Likewise, the exhibitors surveyed gave an average rating of 8.1 out of 10 to the new location of the Valencia Boat Show, opposite the EDEM headquarters and the Lanzadera building instead of around the Veles i Vents building.

More space in 2017
As stated on the last day of the show, the general director of Consorcio Valencia 2007, Vicent Llorens, the Valencia Boat Show 2017 will have more square meters in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, including the Tinglado nº2 which, he said, will  by then be rehabilitated. “Boating is an economic activity, which generates jobs, creates and maintains companies, contributes to the positioning of the city and generates tourism demand and supply. I think the boat show is an essential piece in the Marina itself and in Valencia itself”, said Vicent Llórens on the last day of the show.

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